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What is Investo?Leaders in Commodity Investments

Investo is an opening to potential co-Investor's doors to Praxko Groups sustainable equity investments along the value chain of the group in cooperation with strategic industry partners.

Effective Planning

Real Commodity Widespread International Network

Yes, you would be co-investing alongside Praxko in real commodity, who has a widespread international network of long-term financial and commercial expertise for about 20 years in the arena of physical commodity trading.

Why choose Us?

100% Physical OwnershipWe have got you Covered.

You will be part of highly attractive investments with massive growth potential, which comes along with unique attractive solutions that have not yet been available in the market.


Praxko provides a conduit through which Investors can diversify their portfolio and claim a stake in tangible commodities that are pivotal to the future of economies.

High Returns

With global demand soaring and capacity limited, by access to supply of the raw materials, investment alongside with Praxko are expected to yield high returns

Inflationary Protection

Trading in physical commodities have the advantage of owning an investment not correlated to global markets. This affords protection from inflationary pressures and its associated costs


Attractive and Unique solutions that have not yet been available in the Market.

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Years of Experience

As PRAXKO sees it, is not about reading sophisticated financial charts or about speculating on market price changes via exchange tradable commodity derivatives. Commodity trading is real business, with real people, and it only involves physical goods. In fact, years of experience, hard work and substantial know how are required to understand and master the physical commodity trading business.

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Diversified Team

This is exactly where our core competency lies: PRAXKO’s experienced management team, working from Singapore and from Dubai, is highly experienced and specialized to identify and capture deal opportunities and the momentum in the physical commodity markets

Powerful Performance

Our Focus

While we have covered a vast array of commodities in the past, the products PRAXKO will focus on in its future trades will be agricultural food products and other strategically important resources.

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Direction of Investments

However, irrespective of which concrete commodity is traded and which company PRAXKO executes a trade: our investments only go directly into physical commodity trades, and no speculative risks are involved as is the case with investments via commodity exchanges.

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Insured Physical Assets

As our trades are backed by insured physical assets and are only executed conditioned on all relevant purchase and sales contracts secured and lodged and - therefore - with pre-established profit margins, risks of losses are – as trading experience and history shows – controllable and way below regular financial market risks.

Powerful Performance

Approach to Market

Our trading business – which is based on classical trade finance instruments (import and export letters of credit etc.) - may not appear to be extremely breath taking, but it is solid, generates steady and attractive returns and has beaten respective benchmarks by far over the last couple of years.


Praxko’s operational success lies in the relationship we have maintained within the financial sector. Praxko has been successful in building long-term relationships in the financial sector. Today we cooperate with the leading financial institutions. Praxko maintains a strong liquidity position with optimally financed assets

Risk Managment

Praxko Capital’s ability to manage risk within the markets in which it operates differentiates us from others in the field and has enabled our growth from the very beginning. Talent and experience guide our business, trading and transactions; and centralized risk management and finance teams are responsible for monitoring and managing risk exposure on a real-time basis, as well as for setting limits and monitoring positions.


Praxko Investo is a Commodity Investment arm of Praxko Group

By co-investing alongside Praxko, Investors benefit from the Groups’ long-term growth strategy. In increasingly complex and competitive commodity markets, the current environment offers remarkable opportunities. Firms with critical mass and the ability to manage risks accurately can capture long term value and secure substantial growth prospects. The coming years are crucial as they will enable nimble Investors with commercial strength and expertise, to position themselves favorably for the future.

From agriculture right through processing and thanks to a widespread international network of long-term financial and commercial expertise – the group is also in the position to access the arena of physical commodity trading via attractive and unique solutions that have not yet been available in the market.

In the commodity world, making the right strategic moves at the right time is the key for future and sustainable success.

In that context, it is important for serious market participants not to confine their activities to the mere trading of commodities. Instead, they must secure access to their resources on a long term basis and must aim at capturing all attractive opportunities up and down the value chain (producing, processing, packaging, transport, etc.). This is also the case for the Praxko which strives to become an important market player on a global scale both in agriculture as well as in other strategic commodities

As a consequence, we have made and will make significant investments into facilities of processing and supply etc. to ensure the group’s trade in strategically important physical commodities, and to further increase PRAXKO’s overall profit margins. As all of these investments have been made and will be made into highly attractive investments with massive growth potential.

  • 100% Physical Ownership
  • Real Commodity
  • Secure Independent Storage
  • Liquid & Insured
  • High Returns
  • Sustainable success
  • Global Scalability
  • Market Intelligence
  • Massive Growth Potential.

PRAXKO will, therefore, open potential co-Investor's doors to its sustainable equity investments along the value chain of the group in cooperation with strategic industry partners.

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